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The term “Groaning Board,” possibly originating in the Middle Ages, described a table so laden with food that it seemed to groan under the weight, or perhaps the guests groaned with delight. In the 18th century, taverns were central hubs for news, information, and travel rest stops, where guests paid a fee set by the Governor for a meal and a place to sleep, typically a crowded spot on the floor. Taverns were gathering places for locals and for diverse people, objects, and ideas. Jean Marot, a Frenchman, operated a tavern on this site from 1709 until his death in 1717, after which his widow Anne took over. Their daughter Anne and her husband James Shields managed it from the early 1740s, living there with their children and several enslaved workers. By 1750, Shields Tavern was one of seven licensed taverns in Williamsburg, offering food, drink, lodgings, and entertainment like gambling and billiards. It catered to the lesser gentry and upper middling ranks of Williamsburg society and travelers to the capital.


For Groups

Attract your attendees with the historic ambience of Shields Tavern at Colonial Williamsburg Resorts. Feast on southern staple foods where nation builders crafted the future of America, or come together with your team inside or outside with our tavern rental services. Your guests can enjoy interactive dining experiences for all types of corporate and celebratory events or they can decompress in the tranquil outside garden during leisurely meeting moments. When it comes to building connections with your group, there’s no better place than this spacious, yet intimate venue.

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Groaning Board

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Served with Salad, Good Bread, both Entrees, Potatoes, Vegetables, and a pitcher of Iced Tea
$29 per person

To Start

  • To Make a Grand Sallet

    (The English Art of Cookery, Richard Briggs, 1788)


  • Beef Olives Another Way

    (The Art Of Cooking made Plain and Easy, Hannah Glasse 1766)
  • To Fry Chicken

    (Dictionarium Domesticum, Nathan Bailey, 1736)

Corner Dishes

  • Potato Pudding

    (The English Art of Cookery, Richard Briggs, 1789)


  • To make Strawberry Cream

    $10 (The Complete Confectioner, Hannah Glasse, 1765)

Dining Events

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0 Children