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Meticulously recreated using documentary evidence, historic research, original buildings, and modern analysis techniques, the Historic Area offers an immersive experience that brings the story of America’s revolutionary beginnings to life.

Meet people from Williamsburg’s Colonial past, dine in authentic taverns, and discover unique stories and experiences during your stay. Whether you’re visiting for leisure or work, the Historic Area is a must-see that enhances any stay in Williamsburg.

Horse Drawn Carriage


Become a part of the story. Visit impressive historic homes, workshops, a stunning royal palace, and more.

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Colonial Williamsburg Bedroom


From the private retreat atmosphere offered by the Colonial Houses, to the timeless elegance of the Williamsburg Inn, the Historic Area offers an array of accommodation options.

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Williamsburg Inn Cocktails


Raise a glass to tradition in a lively tavern, or enjoy an elevated culinary experience at one of many unique restaurants.

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Much more than standard souvenirs, browse bustling open-air markets, shop handmade crafts, and find fine furnishings for your home

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