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Benefits of Spending More Time in the Sunshine

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Good news, sunshine is in the forecast! Though the sun sometimes gets a bad rep for prematurely aging our skin and causing skin cancer, there are actually some big benefits to spending time (safely) in the sun. Here’s a list of some of the key benefits that hopefully will inspire you to find the nearest sun patch and spend some time outside.  While staying socially responsible of course. Before you head out the door, remember when it comes to sun exposure, moderation is key, but don’t forget to protect your skin with a good SPF when you’re soaking up those rays!


Sun gives your immune system a boost

Skin reacts to the sun’s ultraviolet-B radiation by creating vitamin D, which the immune system needs a good amount of to function properly. Brief, repeated exposures to the sun are best for making vitamin D. While social distancing may make it more challenging, try to find times earlier in the morning or late afternoon to add outdoor time to your day.  Find the nearest sun patch, walk around your neighborhood or spend some time in the yard on weekends.

Sun gives you increased happiness

That warm feeling you get when you’re stepping out of the air conditioning and into the sun is your body thanking you. Research has found that sunshine increases serotonin which can help alter moods in the brain. Translation: get up and look for some light—as long as it comes from the sun, not the ceiling.

Sun provides the similar effects of a workout

Well maybe not the same effects of workout but being out in the sun has proven to make you healthier not just emotionally, but physically as well. The sun has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. The sun releases nitric oxide from the skin into the circulation, dilating blood vessels and gently lowering blood pressure.

Sun helps you sleep better

Catching some rays during the day keeps your circadian rhythm on schedule. Sun increases serotonin, which is responsible for how we fall asleep and sleep throughout the night. Even a well-timed stroll in the sun during a lunch break will provide that serotonin boost that can make the night less restless and the next day more refreshing.

 Sun gives your skin a glow- and not from a tan

Yes, really. We often think about how the sun can damage skin, but for those with certain skin conditions, the sun can actually be a kind of medicine. A little bit of sun does wonders for improving certain skin conditions, like acne and eczema. But even for those who don’t have specific skin issues, taking in a few UV rays (in moderation) can give you a healthy glow.

Sun reduces certain health risks

People with higher exposure to the sun’s rays tend to recover from serious health problems, even certain types of cancer, at higher rates than those with a low exposure. The sun also plays a role in bone health and helps reduce the chances of bone-related diseases.

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