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Spiced Cranberry Collins

At Colonial Williamsburg Resorts we are proud of our authentic southern regional cuisine, inspired by the gardens of Colonial Williamsburg and made fresh with locally sourced ingredients. We have an ever-changing menu of favorites at all our dining outlets from our historic taverns to hotel restaurants, but its’ our signature dishes that remain the most popular with our guests year after year. We want to share our Spiced Cranberry Collins with you. Now, you can try this recipe at home!

Spiced Cranberry Collins

1.5 oz Smirnoff Vodka

1 oz Cointreau

1 oz Lemon Juice

1 oz Cranberry Juice

1 Barspoon All-Spice Dram


Mix all liquid ingredients in shaker. Fill Collins glass with ice.  Shake and strain drink into glass, garnish with cinnamon stick and lemon twist.

Spiced Cranberry Collins
1 Adult
0 Children