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Our stay at the Williamsburg Lodge during the Holiday season was simply magical and quite refreshing. Being as though we are a family of five, with three kids under the age of five, it can be extremely difficult to enjoy such a stay as we did at the Williamsburg Lodge. From the moment we walked in, the staff went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and ensure that our kids didn’t feel left out of full experience. The little ones were immediately engaged with the concierge crew and shown around the magnificently decorated lobby. The holiday vibes were some of the most warming and welcoming we’ve felt in recent years, decorated trees everywhere you turned, life-sized nutcracker statues, real garlands, and large red bows throughout various spaces. The kids learned about the “Letters to Santa” station and utilized that quite a bit during our stay… Santa receive plenty of toddler doodles this year.

Throughout the two-night stay, we were able to experience multiple areas of Colonial Williamsburg and its rich history. The city is extremely walkable, with very little vehicle traffic that you must worry about if you have children. This was a major benefit for us because it allowed us to allow our two toddlers to explore and not be worried about them being near any cars. From the lodge, we were less than a 10-minute (toddler-paced) walk to get to Colonial Williamsburg, and on the way, we got to walk past a 50+ foot Christmas tree which was stunning to see at night. The Williamsburg Lodge staff gave us a wealth of advice as we went out with the little ones, anything from the best places to eat with kids to the most unique activities they’d be able to experience and enjoy. One of the experiences was a performance called Street Theatre, where my daughter Emma and I learned how to dance as they did during the colonial days, which was an absolute hit for her! Another experience that you’ll only find in a beautiful town like Williamsburg is the carriage ride run by a colonial actor. Two absolutely beautiful horses, an elegant carriage, and a guide who could answer any question about this historical gem… a phenomenal activities for a family to enjoy together during the holiday season. Oh, and I forgot to mention, booking this carriage ride was quick and easy because the concierge staff booked it for us upon our arrival.

Let’s talk about the phenomenal food! Back at the hotel grounds, we had two of our meals: breakfast and dinner. We had breakfast at Traditions, and it was a quiet and quaint environment that had some excellent food for my wife and I, as well as our children. They were very accommodating to the kids, making their simplistic pancake and fruit plates as unique and interesting as they could… which the kids loved! My wife and I are vegetarians, so the staff made sure they curated some delicious options for us to enjoy too. For dinner, we ate at Sweet Tea and Barley. This restaurant has a warm and homey feel that is so peaceful after a long day out in town. The staff provided coloring activities for the kids to keep them busy until food arrived, and they answered all the questions my wife and I had about the menu options. The meal was delicious, and the staff was very attentive throughout the night, but one of the most incredible parts of that night was at the very end. Emma asked if they had hot chocolate, and the waiter wasn’t sure but went to talk to the manager about it. The manager came over and mentioned that they didn’t have it at the restaurant, but he’d go and check the other restaurants on the hotel grounds. Less than 10 minutes later, he returned with two hot chocolates! The kids were immediately filled with joy and warmed up to some delicious hot cocoa. This was an incredible act of kindness that didn’t have to happen, but it did. For us, when people go the extra mile for our kids; it means the world to us. The Williamsburg Lodge gave us that feeling throughout our entire stay. We look forward to returning with our kiddos as they get older and making more magical memories during the holiday season.

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