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How to Make Your Dream Wedding a Reality: 3 Tips from an Expert Floral Designer

Years from now, when you look back at the photographs from your wedding day, what would you hope to see?

No matter the venue, the colors, and the size of the guest list there is one aspect of every wedding that helps determine the overall look of your special day.


Floral design.


Lush flowers and artful arrangements go a long way in determining whether or not your dream wedding comes to life just like – or better than – you imagined it. This is where Lindsay Codekas, the mastermind behind Colonial Williamsburg Resorts’ floral design team, steps in. In a recent chat, wedding expert Elizabeth Hodges sat down with Lindsay to discuss her insights on how couples can transform their wedding day aspirations into reality with the best floral designs at the smartest price.


Lindsay with Flowers at Queens Terrace

Believe it or not, Lindsay’s journey to floral artistry wasn’t planned. A twist of fate led her to a floral design role, and her natural talent blossomed. She honed her skills, eventually landing her dream job at Colonial Williamsburg Resorts.

For Lindsay, the most rewarding part of the job is the connection she makes with couples. She thrives on transforming initial ideas into the wedding of your dreams. Witnessing your happily ever after and seeing your face light up as your floral vision comes to life is what truly motivates her.


The Top Two Floral Design Tips for Planning a Wedding in 2024

Wedding Table Arrangement

1. Focus Your Floral Budget

Here’s Lindsay’s golden advice for how to allocate your funds for the best results: prioritize the florals that will be most prominent in your photos. Focus on your bridal bouquet, sweetheart table, head table, and ceremony location. The rest of your venue may still require floral placement but to a lesser extent than the key areas mentioned above.


2. Embrace the Trends

Barrel of Flowers

The world of wedding florals is ever-changing. And, “Thankfully, the heavy greenery trend is fading,” says Lindsay Codekas, making way for a more vibrant aesthetic. Lush blooms take center stage, often paired with minimal greenery.


3. Choose your venue with floral design and colors in mind

Colonial Williamsburg Hotel

Lindsay designs floral arrangements for an entire collection of stunning venues, but she has a definitive favorite: The Social Terrace at the Williamsburg Inn. The picturesque location with its breathtaking views and natural setting, can be effortlessly complimented by a number of floral design styles, providing the perfect canvas for your celebration.


Let’s Make Your Floral Dreams Bloom

Colonial Williamsburg Resorts offers a plethora of services to craft your dream wedding. From breathtaking floral arrangements designed by Lindsay’s team to captivating on-site venues, we’re here to turn your vision into reality.

Call or email Elizabeth Hodges, today, to start planning your dream wedding at Colonial Williamsburg Resorts!



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