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Foodies Will Love Williamsburg, VA

Iconic Williamsburg Inn

Williamsburg, VA is on the culinary map. With a mix of classic, contemporary and historic dishes there is never a dull culinary experience is this lively city.  While in Williamsburg, VA, Ben Hon – NYC-based food influencer and photographer, visited eight standout locations, which validated the fact there is no better time to visit Williamsburg than now.

Of the eight locations selected, the Iconic Williamsburg Inn and the Rockefeller Room introduced Ben to the elegance of the 18th century Regency style dining. Chef Travis enlightened his taste buds with a must have dish, Oysters Abby, a modern rendition of Oysters Rockefeller with brûléed lemon sabayon atop broiled local Chesapeake oysters.

At Colonial Williamsburg Resorts, we offer you numerous dining opportunities for you to pick from, from restaurants and cafes to historically accurate taverns, you will find the perfect place for an intimate evening or a family meal.


The information in this blog is from Bon Appetit and produced by Visit Williamsburg


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